Quartz Crucible

Quartz Crucible


Quartz crucibles are types of crucibles made from high-purity quartz material, known as silicon dioxide (SiO2). Quartz is widely utilized across numerous industries and research labs as it boasts excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. Quartz crucibles have many applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, metallurgy production lines and research.

Quartz crucibles are known for being extremely heat resistant, withstanding temperatures as high as 1,700degC without cracking or breaking under pressure. Furthermore, their low thermal expansion coefficient enables rapid temperature changes without cracking or breaking.

Quartz crucibles offer several distinct advantages when it comes to chemical resistance. They can withstand the damaging effects of acids, alkalis and other common industrial chemicals used in processing operations – making them ideal for applications involving melting or processing of corrosive materials.

Quartz crucibles are known for their superior purity and low contamination levels, offering precise control over material composition while remaining free from impurities that could compromise it. Their reduced impurity levels make them ideal for applications requiring precise control over material composition, such as processing applications that require the highest purity levels possible.

Quartz crucibles offer more than thermal and chemical resistance – they also boast excellent optical transparency in the ultraviolet (UV) range, making them useful in applications like UV spectroscopy or as containers for UV-sensitive materials.

SIO2  Content99.9 %
Degree of hardness moh’ scale 6.6
Melting point1732°C
Working temperature1350°C
Visible light transmittanceabove 93%
UV spectral region transmittance80%
Resistance value10000 times than ordinary glass
softening point1630°C
SizeCustom Made
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