Quartz Sagger

Quartz Sagger


A quartz sagger, commonly referred to as a crucible or saggar, is a ceramic container typically used in high temperature applications.

Quartz ceramic crucible is made of high pure fused quartz. The SiO2 content is more than 99.5%. Its shape is mainly square and cylindrical.

Composed from quartz which boasts excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. Quartz saggars are widely utilized across industries including ceramics, metallurgy and powder processing. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures while protecting materials during firing or heat treatment processes, quartz saggars offer a reliable protection. These saggars offer superior thermal stability, withstanding temperatures as high as 1700degC (2192degF).

Quartz saggars are used in firing ceramics, sintering powders, heat treating metals and other high-temperature processes where protection of materials being processed is of utmost importance.

SIO2  Content99.9 %
Degree of hardness moh’ scale 6.6
Melting point1732°C
Working temperature1350°C
Visible light transmittanceabove 93%
UV spectral region transmittance80%
Resistance value10000 times than ordinary glass
softening point1630°C
SizeCustom Made
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