Silicon carbide crucible temperature tolerance and key points for use

Silicon carbide crucible is a type of crucible. It is a relatively deep bowl-shaped container with a ceramic texture. Why use a crucible? Because glassware cannot withstand the high temperatures when heating solids, and the high temperature resistance of crucibles is much stronger than that of glassware, so silicon carbide crucibles can be used instead of glassware. The temperature tolerance and usage points of silicon carbide crucible: What is the temperature tolerance of silicon carbide crucible? The melting point of silicon carbide crucible is generally around 3,000 degrees, which requires us to strictly control the temperature when it is heated. If we do not pay attention to exceeding its melting point, this will cause the silicon carbide crucible to react with substances, which will Affects the purity of a substance. Secondly, the silicon carbide crucible needs to be cooled after use. If a lower temperature substance is placed directly on it, it will easily explode, so be careful. And because of the special nature of its material, you should try to avoid collisions with it when using it. If you use too much force, it can easily damage this type of product. These are the things that I need to pay special attention to during use. Only by understanding these matters can the service life be extended and the application be better. Silicon carbide crucible is the same as other heated containers. The crucible cannot be almost filled. In this case, many uncontrollable situations will easily occur at high temperatures, and the possibility of danger is relatively high. For safety reasons and extended From the perspective of crucible life, we should avoid this situation. In addition, the silicon carbide crucible, like other types of crucibles, has a relatively small bottom, so direct heating is too slow for it. In order to solve this problem, we can use a mud triangle to help us, place the crucible on the mud triangle, The heating area can be increased and the natural heating speed is fast.

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