Zirconia Crucible

Zirconia Crucible


Zirconia (ZrO2) crucibles, commonly referred to as zirconium oxide crucibles, are high-performance ceramic crucibles made from this highly refractory material that offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties – making them suitable for various high temperature applications.

Zirconia crucibles are highly sought-after tools in industries including metallurgy, materials research and chemical laboratories due to their exceptional thermal shock resistance and high melting point – qualities which enable them to withstand even extreme temperature conditions with ease.

Zirconia crucibles are known for their superior mechanical strength and durability, retaining their structure even during rapid temperature fluctuations or repeated heating cycles. As such, these vessels can be utilized for various applications including melting metals, calcination processes, ceramic sintering processes, high temperature reactions or any number of high temperature reactions.

Heat resistance2200
Bulk densityg/cm³6.05
Water absorption%0
Flexural strengthMpa1000
Hardness vickersGpa89
Elastic  modulus Gpa200
Poisson’s ratio 0.31
Linear expansion coefficient(20-500°℃)10-6/10
Thermal conductivityw/(m.k)2.5
Specific Heat*10³J/(kg*K)0.5


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