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Quartz Crucible for glass production

The quartz crucible is a high-temperature container widely used in the glass industry. It possesses excellent high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, making it suitable for processes such as high-temperature experiments, melting, sintering, and annealing. Below are the main technical requirements and usage instructions for quartz crucibles.

Main Technical Requirements:

High-temperature resistance: The quartz crucible should demonstrate exceptional high-temperature resistance, capable of withstanding the melting and sintering processes at temperatures exceeding 1500°C.

Corrosion resistance: The quartz crucible should exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance, able to withstand the erosion of acids, alkalis, and other chemical substances, ensuring its long-term stability and service life.

Thermal stability: The quartz crucible should possess good thermal stability, remaining resistant to cracking or deformation during rapid temperature changes, ensuring the accuracy and stability of experimental or process procedures.

Usage Instructions:

Cleaning: Prior to use, the quartz crucible should be thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities and stains, ensuring the purity of the experimental or process procedure.

Placement of samples: Place the sample to be heated or melted into the quartz crucible, taking care not to exceed the crucible’s capacity limit.

Heating: Position the quartz crucible on an appropriate heating device for heating, ensuring control over the heating temperature and duration to avoid exceeding the crucible’s temperature resistance range.

Cooling: Upon completion of the experiment or process, remove the quartz crucible from the heating device and allow it to cool naturally in a safe location, preventing sudden temperature changes that could lead to breakage.

Cleaning and storage: After completing the experiment or process, thoroughly clean the quartz crucible to remove residues, and store it properly in a dry, clean environment to extend its service life.


In summary, the quartz crucible is an indispensable high-temperature container in the glass industry, offering exceptional performance in high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability to meet various high-temperature experimental and process requirements.

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