New energy battery cathode material

Sagger for lithium battery cathode materials and sodium battery materials

With the continuous development of lithium batteries, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials industry, the firing technology level of its products continues to improve, the use of , the quality of the sagger requirements are also increasingly high. At present, ternary materials are mainly nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary system, and our company mainly produces sagger for calcining ternary materials (5 series, 6 series, 8 series and other multi-systems), which is subject to a temperature range of 900-1200 ℃, the number of times of use in the international community belongs to the leading level in the world.

The sagger produced by Gotrays, specialising in lithium battery industry, the new material cathode material lithium iron phosphate, lithium nickel cobalt cobalt, ternary materials, sodium batteries and so on. It is with low expansion, resistance to strong alkali erosion, has a high service life. In order to further improve the erosion resistance of the sagger, Gotrays developed a multi-model composite sagger, the use of good results!

Number Size Window
1 320×320×75mm window20mm
2 320×320×85mm window15mm
3 320×320×85mm window20mm
4 320×320×100mm No window,flat
5 320×320×100mm window15mm
6 330×330×100mm No window,flat
7 330×330×100mm window15mm
8 330×330×100mm window25mm
9 330×330×110mm No window,flat
10 330×330×120mm No window,flat
11 330×330×120mm window20mm
12 330×330×130mm window25mm
13 330×330×100mm Four ear

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