Characteristics of alumina ceramic crucible

Features of alumina ceramic crucible: It can withstand heat up to about 1200 degrees and is suitable for melting samples of acidic substances such as K2S207. Generally, it cannot be used for melting with Na0H, Na202, Na2CO3 and other alkaline substances as flux to avoid corrosion of the porcelain crucible. Porcelain crucibles cannot come into contact with hydrofluoric acid. Alumina ceramic crucibles can generally be washed with dilute HCl by boiling to ensure material purity and high temperature resistance. The material has high density and good oxidation resistance. It is 400-500 degrees higher than graphite material, up to 900 degrees, and has a long service life. It has high heat resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance and good corrosion resistance. The chemical properties are stable and basically do not react with the molten metal, thus improving the purity of the alloy. Advantages of alumina ceramic crucible:

 (1)Easy to wash and keep clean. The glaze of the ceramic crucible is bright and delicate, and it is easy to wash away after use.

 (2) Porcelain has very few pores and low water absorption. Use a ceramic crucible to store the solution and seal it tightly to prevent the solution from evaporating, penetrating, and being invaded by external bacteria.

(3) Chemically stable and durable. This is superior to metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Ceramic crucibles have certain resistance to acid, alkali, salt and carbonic acid gas in the atmosphere. They are not prone to chemical reactions with these substances and do not rust or age.

(4) Good thermal stability and slow heat transfer. Ceramic crucible has the property of not easily bursting when it withstands rapid heat and quenching changes of a certain temperature difference. This is superior to glassware. It is a poor conductor of heat and transfers heat slowly. When used to hold boiling water or scalding solutions, it is difficult to handle when handling it. Not too hot.

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